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Sugarcane Aphid Program for Grain Sorghum

This fact sheet was put together by Andrew Sawyer, Thomas Co Extension Agent, and Dr. David Butin, Extension Entomologist;

Grain Sorghum Varieties with Resistance/Tolerance to Sugarcane Infestation

The varieties below were researched by UGA Extension Entomologist Dr. David Buntin and researchers from LSU or Texas for tolerance/resistance to sugarcane aphids. Remember, no variety is completely resistant to sugarcane aphids. For us in South Georgia, planting with a seed treatment is still advised. Grain sorghum should also be scouted for sugarcane aphids within two weeks of emergence.


Georgia States Variety Trial (Dr. Buntin, UGA)

Major Comp/Brands Hybrid Maturity
Alta AG1205 Early
Alta AG1203 Med-Early
Dekalb DKS 3707 Med-Early
Pioneer 83P17 Med-Full
Dyna-Gro M60GB31 Med-Early
Southern States SS 540 ?


Dr. David Buntin: Upon evaluation of all grain, silage and forage sorghum entries in the GA state variety trial for SCA resistance/tolerance, DKS 3707 was the most resistance. However, none of the entries were highly resistant. There was very little resistance/tolerance in the silage and forage types.


United States Sorghum Board Results (Reported as having some tolerance/resistance by researcher at LSU or in Texas).

Major Comp/Brands Hybrid Source
Alta AG1301 Other
Alta AG1201 Other
B&H Genetics BH 4100 Other
B&H Genetics BH 3000 Other
Dyna Gro GX15561 LSU
Mycogen 627 Other
Mycogen 1G855 LSU
DeKalb Pulsar Other
Pioneer 83P56 Other
Sorghum Partners SP7715 LSU & Other
Sorghum Partners SPX17414 LSU & Other
Sorghum Partners SPX17514 LSU & Other
Richardson RS260E LSU & Other
Richardson RS84353 LSU & Other
Terral/Rev 9782 LSU
Warner Seeds W-844-E LSU & Other


Insecticide Summary for SCA


Foliar Insecticides

  • Sivanto 200SL @ 4 – 10 oz, (21 d PHI); 2ee for 4-7oz.
  • Transform @ 1.0 – 1.5 oz, (14 d PHI); IF Section 18 approved for 2016.
  • Chlorpyrifos @2 pt (60 day PHI), ? Efficacy, 7-10 days.


  • Dimethoate, Lannate, malathion & chlorpyrifos @ 1pt are not effective.


  • Pyrethroids are not effective, because they flare aphids.


SCA Program

  • Add neonicotinoid seed treatment if available.
  • Start with Sivanto, follow with Transform (if available) to rotate chemistries.
  • Transform for harvest infestations (14 d PHI).
  • 2015 research showed adjuvants have little benefit.



  • Ground: 10+ GPA
  • Aerial: 5 GPA


No chemigation for Sivanto or Transform.


No labeled insecticides for sweet sorghum!