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Pre-Harvest Applications of Aim or ET in Peanuts

Here is some good info on late season morning glory control in peanut from Dr. Eric Prostko, Extension Weed Scientist; “Been getting many questions lately about late-season annual morningglory control in peanut.  I partially addressed this issue in a previous blog (August 29, 2013).  In most cases, it is too…
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Pecan Cultivars

Dr. Lenny Wells, Extension Pecan Specialist, posted an interesting article on pecan varieties;… The topic of cultivars is an endless source of discussion for pecan growers. We are always on the lookout for the perfect cultivar but in reality it probably doesn’t exist. Every orchard situation is different and there are…
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White Mold In Peanut

I’m seeing a fair amount of white mold in the county. With the weather conditions we are currently seeing; wet, humid, and hot temperatures, this should be expected. Before white mold becomes a major problem we need to get ahead of it….

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Target Spot in Cotton…


I am starting to see a fair amount of Target Spot in Mitchell County. Most of what I have seen is on older cotton, well past the 4th or 5th week of bloom. I have seen some on younger cotton between the 1st and 3rd week of bloom. This cotton will benefit from a fungicide application based on field history, irrigation, and growth stage.
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