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Lesser Cornstalk Borer on Peanut

Here is an update from Mark Abney, Extension Peanut Entomologist; “Lesser cornstalk borer (LCB) is one of the most damaging and difficult to control pests in peanut. This insect is very fresh on the minds of many growers after a season of widespread heavy infestations in 2014. LCB is a…
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Peanut Update

Here is an update from Scott Monfort, Extension Peanut Agronomist; We have a large portion of our peanut acres in the 30 to 45 DAY range with soil moisture diminishing quickly due to the heat. Although peanuts do not typically need a lot of  moisture in the beginning of the…
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PGRs on Cotton

Via Jared Whitaker in the 2015 Cotton Production Guide: The best “growth regulator” for cotton is good, early fruit set and retention, as this will generally deter excess vegetative growth. Therefore, nitrogen levels, soil moisture, insect control, plant population, and crop management influence the cotton plants’ ability to balance vegetative and…
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Irrigation Schedule for Pecan Production

Intense heat has arrived in South Georgia this week with daily high temperatures in the upper 90’s . This occurs as nuts are sizing and the water demand for pecan trees begins to increase. Up to June pecan trees benefit from irrigation but only need a fraction of the amount…
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Sugarcane Aphid Showing Up in Mitchell


Here in Mitchell County we have some grain sorghum in the flowering stage of growth. Today I saw the first field with the sugarcane aphid. Levels were very low. I check most of the field and only found a few places with aphid populations.  The field is less than 1% infected. This can change quickly though. So, the field will need to be monitored until it reaches threshold.
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Corn Denting

Corn is starting to dent in Mitchell County. This field was the one I found southern rust in. The field was sprayed two Saturdays ago. The disease spread has halted and has not moved in the past week and a half as far as I can tell. Regardless the corn looks great and is starting to dent. At this point in the growth of the corn disease is less of an issue and a fungicide spray would no longer be recommended!

The corn in the picture has now reached the early part of dent stage or R5. Currently the corn is around 50% moisture and 65% dry matter. By the end of dent stage the corn will have reached 35% moisture and 100% of its dry matter. In roughly two weeks it will reach physiological maturity!

corn dent1
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Farm Bill Update and Prevented Planting Question

Here are some comments from Nathan Smith, Extension Economist: “FSA recently held training for State Staff on ARCPLC enrollment.   Producers are required to enroll annually in the ARCPLC program to be eligible to receive payments.   The enrollment period is expected to begin mid-June.  Enrollment for 2014 and 2015 ARCPLC will…
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Calcium in Peanut

Here are some comments from Glen Harris, Extension Soil Scientist: “The more they stay the same !  When we switched from growing small-seeded Georgia Green to large-seeded Georgia 06G we really thought we would need to increase our gypsum or calcium recommendations.  But after years of research we concluded that…
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