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Supplementation of Hay for Cattle

Here is recent update from Drs. Jacob Segars and Lawton Stewart, Extension animal specialist:

Many in the state are having to feed hay longer than expected due to poor establishment of winter annuals, poor growth of winter annuals due to cold/wet conditions, issues with Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus, etc.  Similar to the issue with the cold weather we reported on in February, producers are getting down to marginal to bad quality hay, so supplementation is needed.


Most cattle producers are close to finishing calving (winter/spring calving herds), or in the later half of lactation (fall calving herds).  Considering the situation, we put together a table of potential supplements for cattle/forage combinations you may see in your county.

Please note:

  • These are general and can be fine-tuned with a forage report and knowing the actual supplements available, however this should give you something to help out your producers in the field.
  • Most urea-based liquid feeds, blocks, and tubs should provide adequate nutrients if the suggested supplement is 3.5 lb/hd/d or less for brood cows. ┬áThese feeds are not recommended for calves under 500 lb.

2015-03-09 Hay Supplmentation