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Wheat Management Recommendations

Now is the time for weed control and to be scouting insects in our wheat.

The general recommendation for ryegrass control is for it to be done around Christmas. Because of late planting date, we can go a little longer before we have to put out post-emergent herbicides. Regardless we are getting late for ryegrass control, so make sure to get that spray in as soon as possible.

Wild radish has a wider window, but we still need to be timely with our applications and the soon the better. Harmony Extra and 2,4-D mix works very well, but the wheat needs to be at full tiller or injury will occur. However Harmony Extra and MCPA mix works well too and this can be applied from two tillers to full tiller. Many of our late planted fields are not at the two tiller stage, so we have a little time.

Below is Dr Culpepper’s Wheat Weed Control Guide


Fullscreen capture 12152014 110726 AM-001

Fullscreen capture 12152014 110734 AM-001

Now is also the time to be scouting our fields for Hessian fly and Aphids. I received a call today from a grower with Aphids who believes he has Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus. That has not been confirmed, but the aphid is the vector for this disease. Scouting should begin ~30 days after emergence and again at topdressing. An approved pyrethroid from the UGA Pest Management Handbook should be used if either is present. The threshold is currently 2 per row feet in the seedling stage.

Below is a picture of the aphid and virus.