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Sweet Corn Workshop – Stripling Irrigation Park

Stripling Irrigation Research Park is hosting a Sweet Corn Production Workshop at SIRP on Tuesday July 22. Here’s the tentative schedule for the Workshop: 9am – Welcome (Calvin Perry) 9:10am – Fertility and Varieties (Dr. Tim Coolong) 9:30am – Insect Management (Dr. Stormy Sparks) 9:50am – Weed Management (Andy Shirley)…
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EPD Flint River Drought Protection Act Stakeholder Meeting

EPD Stakeholder Meeting Watershed Protection Branch  Discussion of Possible Rule Changes The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) Watershed Protection Branch will hold a stakeholder meeting to discuss possible changes in the Flint River Drought Protection Act Rule. The meeting will be held on July 24, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:30…
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Lesser Cornstalk Borers in Mitchell Co. Peanuts


Yesterday on the way home I stopped in a peanut field to visit with a grower. The peanut field had a good amount of lesser cornstalk borer damage. These were dryland peanuts and the damage looked like lack of water from the road. This made sense considering the recent weather. Granular chlorpyrifos (Lorsban 15G) is currently the only material recommended for LCB control  Below are pictures of the damage and the LCB in the stem of the peanut.
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PGRs on Cotton

Applications of PGRs have been going out throughout the county. We have had dry weather for the most part with parts of the county getting some rain. This has slowed down growth to some extent. However some of the irrigated varieties with more growth potential (including some dry land) are needing…
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