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Bot Canker

Here is a good post form Lenny Wells, Extension Pecan Specialist; “I’ve seen a number of young orchards recently with trees suffering from die-back. While much of this has been related to cold damage, some trees are feeling the effects of a subtle problem that often goes unnoticed until it becomes…
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Record High Feeder Cattle Prices

Given the record-high feeder cattle prices we are experiencing, many cattle producers may be interested in ways to manage their price risk.  To help aid in this thought process, three new extension bulletins dealing with beef cattle marketing and risk management have recently been published.  They are: Using Futures Markets…
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Pesticides can be lethal if used inappropriately

A fellow agent Frank Watson in Wilkes County recently wrote this important article: Last month, a Jefferson County woman died and her three grandchildren were sickened after a pesticide, labeled for agricultural use only, was used to kill insects inside their home. Unfortunately, this tragic story now serves as an…
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ounces vs. fl ounces??

When are ounces not ounces? Well a liquid ounce is different from  a solid ounce, and that can be confusing and it can lead to the wrong amount of chemical going on the crop or field when using dry granules or other dry products. Here’s an example of how you could get…
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Southern Corn Rust in Mitchell County

Southern Corn Rust1

I went and scouted a few corn fields and have confirmed Southern Corn Rust in Mitchell County. Remember Southern Corn Rust is the most important disease on corn. Rain is back in the forecast for late this weekend; early next week, which will be favorable for development of rust. Any corn that is approaching (or has passed) the tassel growth stage is worth protecting if the yield potential is there. I generally would wait to spray for southern rust until your crop is approaching tassel.

Strobilurin products and combinations of strobilurin/triazole or strobilurin/SDHI (Priaxor) have 3 week protective intervals and also a broader spectrum of activity. These include chemicals like; Headline AMP, Approach Prima, Priaxor, Tilt, etc.
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Southern Corn Rust in Southwest GA

dennis rust4

Thanks to the cooperative efforts between UGA Cooperative Extension Service and our friends with Pioneer, UGA Extension Pathologist, Dr. Bob Kemerait, reports two cases of SOUTHERN CORN RUST: 1) Early County (Agent Brian Cresswell) and in Florida just below the Echols County (Agent Justin Shealey).

Below are pictures of southern rust attached that Rome Ethredge took from the Early County sample and points from Dr. Kemerait to consider:…
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