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Peanut Spray Schedule


There are a few fields in Mitchell County with peanut fields that have reached the 30 day mark. At this time farmers should start considering their first fungicide spray. This application is dependent on a few factors; variety, planting date, plant population, at-plant insecticide, row pattern, tillage type, rotation history, field history, and irrigation.

Lucky for the farmer UGA and other land-grant universities have simplified it with the PeanutRX program. Every year UGA works with various chemical companies (DuPont, Syngenta, etc.) to distribute peanut fungicide spray schedules. These schedules help determine disease risk (low, moderate, or high) with a simple guide on the back.

As of today Southeast Peanut Weather via AWIS is calling for the first spray in a few of the research fields. This is just one tool to use when determining a spray application. Camilla is projected to have scattered showers throughout the week. So, farmers need to evaluate their farm based on planting date, their risk, and projected weather.

Here is an example schedule from DuPont. If you need this schedule, Syngenta’s, or another let me know.