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Pecan Irrigation Schedule

Mitchell County is 2nd in the state in pecan production. Pecans require a considerable amount of rain to produce a good crop load. To achieve this pecan growers need to be on an irrigation schedule. Here is a post and schedule from Lenny Wells, Extension Pecan Horticulturist:

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Stop the Insanity! Putting Forage Quality First

Here is a great article from Carole Knight, Bulloch County Ag Agent:

Here we are once again at the beginning of another hay season. Hay producers anxiously sit at the starting line glued to their smartphone weather app or favorite tv weather-man waiting for that golden window to get their grass mowed, dried, baled and put up before a rain. Last year this process was not so easy. Many producers struggled with timing their hay cuttings to get up their grass without getting rained on and/or after being too mature. Because of this we had a lot of hay fed this winter that was too low in energy and digestibility and we paid the price. So let’s take a bit of advice from Albert Einstein who said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Let’s look at how we can put forage quality first…..

Forage Team Newsletter Volume 2-Issue 2 May2014
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Threat of Thrips on Peanuts

If you talk with any peanut grower they will say that thrips were the biggest issue insect wise last year. It seems we may have a repeat of last year, with our cool wet spring, much like 2013. This weather kept the thrips going longer than normal last year hopefully that will not be the case 2014. Dr. Mark Abney has thrips traps in Mitchell Co. which are checked periodically. As of May 7th, the numbers are at or below 5 per trap.

Here are some comments from Dr. Mark Abney, Extension Peanut Entomologist:
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Peanut Prices, Cost, and Returns

As of Friday May 9, 2014 Mitchell Co. growers have planted as many peanuts as possible. Those planted are starting to emerge and crack through the soil. Below are some pictures of peanuts cracking which were planted ahead of the rain.

peanutcracking2 peanutcracking

With the new Farm Bill and the programs associated with it. Many people are expecting an increase in peanut acres for 2014. Here is a post from Nathan Smith and Amanda Smith, Extension Economists, about the outlook for 2014:
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