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As fall progresses, continue to remove old and spent foliage from warm-season annuals and summer-blooming perennials. Any non-diseased plant debris can be composted.

Enjoy the addition of cool-season annuals to your landscape, such as pansies, dusty miller, and snapdragons. Fall mums are also colorful additions to the fall landscape.

Container gardens can be renewed with hardy perennials, such as Heucheras, Euphorbias, and ornamental grasses, such as Pink Muhly or Purple Fountain. Cool-season vegetables, such as purple mustard and dinosaur kale, are also useful additions.

Fall is a fantastic time to add perennials and bulbs to your garden. Use your time walking in the garden to look for spaces to plant. Plant spring-flowering bulbs as soil temperatures cool (after Thanksgiving).

Check mulch levels throughout the perennial garden, pulling back from crowns of perennials. Plants may rot in winter if mulch is too thick over their crowns.

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