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Are you a MGEV with vision and heart for the Georgia MGEV Program? We are looking for “big picture” people, especially with experience outside of Extension, to serve on the statewide advisory panel.

Q1:     I am only interested in the MGEV program in my county.

  1. TRUE — Thank you for your contributions to Extension in your county!
  2. FALSE — Proceed to question 2.

Q2:     I have ideas for the improvement and growth of the Georgia MGEV Program.

  1. TRUE — Proceed to question 3.
  2. FALSE — Thank you for your contributions to Extension in your county!

Q3:    I am willing to contribute my talents to program discussions once per quarter in a regional location.

  1. TRUE — Proceed to question 4.
  2. FALSE — Thank you for your contributions to Extension in your county!

Q4.   I might be interested in participating in the Georgia MGEV Advisory Panel.

  1. TRUE — Great! Continue reading this blog post!
  2. FALSE — Thank you for your contributions to Extension in your county!

The MGEV Advisory Panel is important to the work of the State Program Office of the Georgia MGEV Program, providing a sounding board for ideas and resources. Panelists are asked to  contribute to topics relating to the future direction of the program or asked for ideas or feedback on things in development or coming down the line. Panelists sometimes see and discuss topics long before they are shared with agents or volunteers. Comprised of Agents and/or Program Assistants, GMGA president and past president, MGEVs, and the State Coordinator, the Advisory Panel meets once per quarter at a location convenient to all for a work day from 10 am – 2 pm. Agendas are provided prior to the meeting for each participant to prepare. Participants in the MGEV Advisory Panel must be able to travel to the quarterly meetings without reimbursement.

Positions on the Advisory Panel are based on nomination and approval. Individuals can self-nominate by sending an email to the State Coordinator. To be appointed to the panel, MGEVs will need approval of their agent/coordinator, and Agents will need the approval of their District Director. The State Coordinator selects panelists so that the panel is representative of Georgia MGEV programs and includes volunteers, agents, and program assistants representing small, medium, and large programs in rural, suburban, and rural areas. MGEV Panelists can serve a one- or two-year term.

We’d love to have some MGEVs with a marketing or strategic planning background for projects we are preparing to address. MGEVs should be familiar with the organizational structure, function, and purpose of the Georgia MGEV Program to understand conversations at multiple levels.

Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of? Does this bring to mind a fellow MGEV? We are currently seeking 2-3 MGEVs not currently in leadership positions with GMGA for the September 2019 – June 2021 term. Send your nomination email to Sheri Dorn, sdorn@uga.edu. Our next meeting will be August 29, 2019, in Conyers, GA.

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