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  1. The most common question after these large rain events is have I lost all of my cotton fertilizer, and will I have to start over? UGA Extension Soil Scientist Dr. Glen Harris has provided some information on this topic:

May planted cotton could have lost some pre-plant Nitrogen and Sulfur. What should we do? Consider early sidedress AND add 10 to 20 pounds of Nitrogen per acre if rain fall was enough to leach fertilizer. Also, add sulfur to sidedress nitrogen.

Every field will have a different soil type. A lot of fields have long rows with many different soil types in the same row.

Listed below are some general time tested truths about leachable soil fertilizer nutrients:

  • Most leachable nutrients are Nitrogen, Sulfur and Boron.
  • Potassium is not as mobile as Nitrogen.
  • Phosphorus is immobile.

2. What is the official timing window for sidedressing cotton ? First Square to First Bloom. We want ¼ to 1/3 N at planting and remainder at Side-dress.

Foliar Feeding

Follow recommendations from Petiole analysis:

Emphasis = Nitrogen, Potassium and Boron – During “Peak Bloom” (1st to 4TH  week of Bloom)

What is best foliar products to use:

  • Feed Grade Urea for nitrogen,
  • Potassium Nitrate for Potassium,
  • Solubor or “10% Liquid” for Boron.

Stop Petiole Analysis after 8th week of bloom!

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