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Now is the time to collect and send off pecan leaves for nutrient analysis. It is recommended to collect the samples from July 7th to August 7th. Below are the instructions on how to sample from the UGA Agricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories. While you are in the field, it may be a good idea to collect a soil sample also if one has not been done recently.

  • 1. Sample trees between July 7th and August 7th. Sampling can be extended into mid August without significantly affecting the results.
  • 2. Take one sample every 10 to 15 acres. If more than one soil type is present in the sampling area and if growth and production varies appreciably in these areas, take one sample from each soil type. Take samples at random using a zig-zag sampling pattern across the grove. When samples are taken annually, the pattern of sampling should be the same; better yet, samples should be taken from the same marked trees or rows.
  • 3. Collect 100 middle pair of leaflets from the middle leaf of this year’s growth.  Use terminal shoots exposed to the sun. Avoid twigs from the interior of the tree. Collect leaflets from all sides of the tree. Avoid leaflets damaged by insects and diseases.
  • 4. Sample trees of different varieties and different ages separately.
  • 5. Abnormal trees or trees not representative of the area should be sampled and sent separately. A complete and accurate description of abnormalities should accompany such samples.
  • 6. Immediately upon collection, wipe leaves (entire surface, both top and bottom) with a damp cellulose sponge or cheesecloth to remove dust and spray residue. Do not allow the leaves to come into contact with rubber or galvanized containers. Partially air dry and place in a large paper bag.
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