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How to Grow Home Garden Potatoes

Potatoes are a wonderful and easy vegetable to grow for feeding the family, as well as for sharing with your neighbors. Now is the time to plant potatoes. Below you will find a link to a publication that has information on selecting the right types of potatoes, proper planting, maintenance…
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Time to Prune Your Home Fruit Orchard

It is time to prune your home fruit orchard. January and February are THE months do this gardening activity. The UGA Extension publication Home Fruit Orchard Pruning Techniques is available by clicking on the link below. Home Fruit Orchard Pruning Techniques Circular
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Eastern Lubber Grasshopper aka Georgia Thumper

I have had several people inquire about Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers also known as Georgia Thumpers. These grasshoppers are currently appearing in plants around the yard and garden. These grasshoppers have many unique characteristics from their size to their inability to fly. I have attached a University of Florida IFAS Extension…
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