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About Peyton Sapp

I serve as the Agriculture and Natural Resource County Extension Agent for Laurens County.

Horse Grazing Strategies

Peyton Sapp, Burke County Extension Agent, shares grazing strategies for horses. As a horse owner and County Extension Agent, I hope that you will find value in my mixture of “by the book recommendations” and personal experience. One  thing I would like to encourage horse owners and trainers to do…
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Peanut Harvest Equipment Considerations

Over the next few weeks, peanut harvest will be in full swing across most of the state. Along with proper timing consideration for digging peanuts, proper setup and operation of peanut harvest equipment is also an important consideration to minimize harvest losses and to ensure peak equipment performance and efficiency…
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Wet East, Dry West Continues and Intensifies

Pam Knox, Director of the UGA Weather Network and Agricultural Climatologist discusses the last 30 days of rainfall across the United States. The last 30 days of rainfall across the US has highlighted the vast difference in precipitation amounts between the West Coast and the East Coast this year. On…
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Laurens County Peanut Hull Scrape Clinics

The Laurens County Extension office will be offering peanut hull scrape clinics starting on Thursday, September 9 at the Extension office. The clinics will be offered every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday until the end of October from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Taking a good sample is CRUCIAL in determining…
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Check Pastures and Hayfields for Fall Armyworms

Yesterday, July 7, I found fall armyworms in a bermudagrass hayfield. It is early to find them in the county. They usually show up around the end of July. I recommend you check your pastures and hayfields. Information on fall armyworms can be found in this Alabama Extension publication on…
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May 2021 Crop Comparison Tool Update

I don’t have to tell you that crop input costs have gone up since January. Amanda Smith, UGA Extension Economist, has updated the Crop Comparison Tool to reflect those higher costs. Below are links to the updates. The Crop Comparison Tool and Crop Budgets can be found at the UGA…
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