Clinch County and surrounding areas are still recovering from Hurricane Idalia, but it is important to remember that hurricane season runs through November 30. The Atlantic has been very active so far and our UGA climatologist predicts it will remain this way through the end of the season.

If you do sustain damage as a result of a hurricane or other weather event, it is crucial to document the damage in a timely fashion. Photos can be very helpful for insurance claims and to help estimate yield loss. Snapping a quick picture on your phone is normally sufficient for routine damage or effects that can be seen from the ground. Many of our row crops are partially blown over or plants are twisted. Ground photos are most effective in that situation due to plant height and the rate at which row crops can typically recover from mild damage. Mature timber stands are unable to recover in this way. Younger pines can sometimes stand back up after being blown over, but some damages are irreparable.

If you have crops, timber, or structures that need aerial photos due to Hurricane Idalia or future storms, please call the Extension Office at 229-482-3895 (Lanier) or 912-487-2169 (Clinch) to request a flyover. Provide the address/GPS coordinates/parcel number, a brief description of what should be photographed, and an e-mail address where you can receive the photos. Alternatively, you can email the same information to