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May is Beef Month in Georgia

April showers bring May flowers? We have all probably heard that more times than we can count. May is also Beef Month is Georgia. Georgia has cattle in all 159 counties (even Fulton!!!), and Georgia cattle producers own between 1.1 and 1.3 million head. Nationally, Georgia ranks 30th in the nation in cattle inventory. The 2016 farmgate value for beef in Georgia was $592,854,362. This ranked beef as 6th in the 2016 Georgia Agricultural Commodity Rankings.

In Jones County, the value of the beef industry totaled $4,215,022. If you include the value of forages, the total reaches $6,256,147. The beef industry is not only significant in Georgia, but also here in Jones County. This month, if you come across a beef cattle producers or any farmer take the time to say thanks and show them how much they mean to our community.