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Lawn Care Equipment Maintenance

As winter comes to a close and spring is about to begin, many things are going to occur. Temperatures will start to rise, plants and shrubs will come out of dormancy, and the landscape will start to green up. With these changes comes yard work and now it the time to make sure your equipment is tuned up and working properly. Doing the necessary maintenance on your equipment now will ensure a smooth transition into the spring.

Good spark plugs and clean air filters are essential to all gas or diesel powered lawn care equipment. If either is damaged, replace before using the equipment this year. If the air filter is still good, make sure to properly clean it and remove any debris. Some other common tips are to check for and replace any broken parts, and make sure all parts are securely in place.

For lawn mowers, changing the oil every year is a good maintenance practice. Proper greasing is important for the life of the mower as well. Points where friction can or will occur need to be adequately greased. Other good maintenance ideas for mowers are using fresh fuel and inspecting the blades. A key to good mowing is sharp quality blades.

Now is a good time to replace the string in the weed eaters, and have the chains sharpened or replaced on the chainsaw. Also, for blowers, trimmers, and chainsaws make a fresh oil/gas mixture to use for the maintenance season. It is best to use 100% gasoline, but if not available, an ethanol treatment will need to be added to the mixture.

For electric maintenance equipment inspect all cords power cords for safety and use purposes. If your equipment has been inactive all winter, allow it to warm up for a few minutes prior to its first use.  For information of equipment maintenance please call the extension office at 986-3958.