Jones County Agriculture and Natural Resources

Web Soil Survey

Are you interested in a free soil mapping software? Have you ever thought how mapping could help with land management? Have a pond on your property, but don’t know how many acres it is? Planning on cutting a tract of timber, but would like to know approximately how many acres?…
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Lawn Care Equipment Maintenance

As winter comes to a close and spring is about to begin, many things are going to occur. Temperatures will start to rise, plants and shrubs will come out of dormancy, and the landscape will start to green up. With these changes comes yard work and now it the time…
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Emergency Preparedness and Recovery – UGA Cooperative Extension

We have many resources to help before, during, and after emergency situations. Whether the need is flood clean-up or financial considerations, Extension offers valuable research-based information to support communities preparing and recovering from disasters. For more information about emergency preparedness and recovery, please follow the above link.  
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Fire Ant Control This Fall

Fall is a great time to enjoy cooler weather, watching football with friends, decorating pumpkins, and killing fire ants. While we often think about this pest more during the spring and summer, controlling the pest now will greatly reduce the number you will encounter next year. The red imported fire…
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