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Backyard Pecan Production

Although backyard or home orchard pecan trees seldom develop serious insect problems, treating the trees if pests do begin to build can be difficult. Whole-tree spraying as in commercial production is not an option for homeowners. However, some of the most likely pests can be controlled with simple insecticide applications….
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Monthly Pecan Production Guide

UGA Extension does a great job at keeping producers educated and keeping best management practices at the forefront of their daily operation. I have attached a link that gives growers an idea on what they should be doing each month of the year to maximize their pecan crop. If you…
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List of County Pecan Production Meetings 2019

Attention Pecan Growers All meetings will be at noon unless time is specified otherwise.Contact local county extension office where the meetings will be held for details and location. Our schedule of county pecan production meetings for 2019 is found below: Jan 31                 …
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