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Fertilizing Winter Annuals

Winter annual forages can be very expensive to establish and maintain. Extension budgets estimate that total costs of winter annual forages is around $200 per acre. Is it possible to reduce forage production costs without decreasing winter annual forage yield? The first step is to soil test and follow those…
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Forage Options for Horses

With over 80,000 head of horses in the state of Georgia, horse owners are looking for efficient and nutritional forage options to feed to their animals. A good rule of thumb for horse owners is that your horse should consume at least one percent of its body weight in hay…
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Buzzards Disturbing Calves and Cattle Producers

When I write this article, I am fixated on the quote “when it rains it pours.” Agriculture in 2019 has been hard for all commodities with excessively hot days, drought, and now predators affecting survival rates of newborn calves. Last week I have received three calls on what producers can…
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