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Backyard Pecan Production

Although backyard or home orchard pecan trees seldom develop serious insect problems, treating the trees if pests do begin to build can be difficult. Whole-tree spraying as in commercial production is not an option for homeowners. However, some of the most likely pests can be controlled with simple insecticide applications….
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Tomatoes Not Bearing Fruit OR Ripening

If you are having the same amount of luck that I am having attempting to produce great tasting tomatoes this summer, I apologize.  I have received numerous calls and complaints this growing season on the lack of productivity growers are experiencing. The two complaints are 1. My tomatoes won’t set…
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Get your Garden in Gear

Well it looks like the fear of one last frost is out of the way and now it’s time to be getting your garden into shape for a summer full of fresh veggies. Gardening and growing your own food has certainly become more popular lately, and you might want to…
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