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Pruning Class Coming to Monticello

Ornamental plants in the home landscape are pruned for many reasons. Some plants are pruned routinely to maintain a desired size or shape. Others are pruned to promote healthy vigorous growth, flowering or fruiting. Sometimes it is necessary to prune shrubs that overgrow their sites, crowd other plants or limit the view from windows. Plants damaged by insects, diseases or freezing injury may require corrective pruning.

Each plant in the landscape has its own growth habit and a different requirement for pruning. Some shrubs have dwarf growth habits and may never require pruning, while vigorous large-growing shrubs may require frequent pruning.

Anyone can prune, but not everyone prunes properly. Improper pruning, or pruning at the wrong time of the year, can result in mis-shapened plants, reduced flowering or plants that are more likely to be damaged by insects, diseases or winter cold.

If you want to learn more on pruning, I encourage you to come listen to Bob Westerfield, UGA Horticulture Specialists on Thursday, December 12, 2019. Bob will be speaking from 10AM- 12PM and answering any questions you have at Monticello Methodist Church. If you are interested in coming, please call the Jasper County Extension Office at 706-468-6479 to RSVP. The cost of the program is $5, and that will include snacks and coffee.