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Livestock Disaster Forage Program to Aid Jasper County with Drought

For everyone that lives in Jasper County, there has been signs of drought for the past several weeks. The pastures already look dormant to the extreme heat and lack of rain. These type of conditions make it very hard for hay and cattle producers because they rely on the growing grass to feed their livestock in the summer and also utilize hay to get them through the winter. With the lack of rain we have been facing, producers have not been able to their 3rd cutting from the hay field which limits the amount of hay availability for this winter. County Ag agents have been working very hard reporting the weekly drought report to the United Stated Drought Monitor to let the right people know that our producers are struggling to cut hay, and have been feeding hay since July due to the lack of rain. Finally, the US Drought Monitor has received enough information to classify Jasper County and every surrounding county, except Jones County. With each county now being classified as D3 (extreme drought), it now means that producers are now eligible to receive assistance through the LFP (Livestock Disaster Forage Program. All producers in Jasper County need to contact the FSA Office in Putnam County after November 4th. FSA will calculate LFP payments for grazing losses because of the qualifying drought equal to payment factors of one, three, four, or five time the LFP monthly payment rate. Please call the Jasper County Extension Office at 706-468-6479 if you have any questions. I have also attached a link to give you access to the Livestock Disaster Forage Program PDF that USDA sent out.