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2019 Quality Deer Management Conservation Seed Program

I would like to make Jasper County aware of a program that QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) is putting on with their seed program. QDMA is offering a Conservation Seed Program to help get viable seed planted across the landscape to benefit whitetails, other wildlife species, and you’re hunting this fall. Through a national program they are able to acquire out-of-date seed and provide it to landowners at an extremely reduced price. The germination rate will not be 100%, but still very good relative to cost of the seed. It’s important to note the seed can’t be sold for profit, traded or bartered, it has to remain standing for wildlife use, and it can’t be fed directly to livestock or wildlife. QDMA piloted this program in spring 2018 with excellent results.

QDMA members can order corn, sorghum, soybeans and/or wheat. The corn is 90-110 day varieties and is not glyphosate resistant. The soybeans are group 1 beans and are glyphosate resistant. All species are $9 per 50 lbs. bag. To order, please complete the order form at ( and email it to your regional director at His phone number is 850-420-9414.

QDMA can only obtain their seed in bulk (400-800 bags per order), so it may not be available in all locations. All orders must be placed by January 23, and they will know at that time where they have enough orders to schedule delivery of the seed. QDMA Regional Directors will contact everyone who placed an order to confirm whether the seed will be delivered or whether there was not enough interest to reach the minimum order.  Seed orders are typically delivered in March, and seed will be delivered to a central location for your area. Your Regional Director will contact you with the delivery date and location to pick up your seed. Non-QDMA members can take advantage of this opportunity by joining QDMA. The Regional Director is A.B. Smith, his email is and his phone number is 850-420-9414. If I can help with any of the logistics, please let me know. You can call the extension office at 706-468-6479.