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Simer Virk

Dr. Simer Virk is an Assistant Professor and Extension Precision Ag Specialist at the University of Georgia and is located on the Tifton Campus. He is an Agricultural Engineer by training and joined the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences as a faculty member in August of 2020 with a 20% research and 80% extension appointment.

Simer was born and raised in India. He obtained his Bachelor’s in Agricultural Engineering from Punjab Agricultural University in India and then moved to the United States in 2010 to pursue his Master’s in Biosystems/Agricultural Engineering at Auburn University, where his formal education and training in Precision Agriculture started under the supervision of Dr. John Fulton. After completing his MS, Simer worked as a Product Test Engineer with Hagie Manufacturing Company (now John Deere) in Clarion, Iowa where he was responsible for testing current and prototype components on large self-propelled agricultural sprayers. Simer completed his PhD in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from the University of Georgia while concurrently working as a research engineer under Dr. Wes Porter from 2016 to 2020. His PhD research was focused on investigating the effects of different planter settings including depth and downforce on crop emergence and yield in cotton.

In his current position, Simer is directing his efforts on evaluation of different existing and new precision ag technologies to provide research-based information to the growers on technology adoption and their effective utilization. Precision Ag technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of every farm operation and there are varying levels of technology adoption needs and issues faced by the growers every day. To assist them with their precision ag needs, Simer works closely with UGA Extension agents and is focusing his extension effort heavily on educating, training and assisting county extension agents on different basic and advanced precision ag technologies through in-service trainings, field days, newsletter articles and using other digital media such as a Precision Ag Blog.

Simer and his wife are blessed with a two-year old girl (Amber) who keeps them busy outside work. He enjoys exercising and does CrossFit to stay healthy and live an active lifestyle.