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Dan Horton

Dan Horton received his bachelor’s in zoology and his master’s in entomology from Clemson University. He completed his doctorate in entomology at the University of Arkansas. Horton began his career at the University of Georgia in 1982, as a fruit and ornamental entomologist. He retired in 2016 and now serves as a free-lance consultant for Georgia and South Carolina farmers.


During his time with UGA, Horton was the main advocate for making the IPM Coordinator a permanent position. He was inspired by the federal appreciation that active IPM Coordinators in other IPM programs were receiving across the nation.


Horton feels the IPM program is one of the most interesting, least appreciated, and least understood programs in universities. “Without IPM programs, there is no presence with the general public,” he said. “The program, with Extension agents, builds loyalty to UGA and provides important methods and research to the growers, preventing expensive effects, such as bad information or incorrect identifications.”


In his spare time, Horton likes to stay active. He recently participated in the annual Plains, GA Peanut Festival 5K Road Race. He placed second in his age group and received a trophy, presented by Former President Jimmy Carter.