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2022 Row Crop Disease Update

Written by: Bob Kemerait, Pathologist, University of Georgia Greetings, The picture above was sent to me from south Florida (near the town of Jupiter) by a friend of mine working in the chemical industry. In the picture, you see field corn that is “covered up” with southern corn rust, the…
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MyIPM App Series Expands

Written by: Emily Cabrera, UGA IPM Communications CoordinatorExpert/Source: Dr. Brett Blaauw, Assistant Professor & Peach Specialist, University of Georgia A new insect wreaking havoc in your cotton field? Troublesome disease in your peanut stand you don’t recognize? No idea where to start? Well, there’s an app for that. This year,…
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Georgia Farmers Improve Sustainability One Metric at a Time

Written by: Emily Cabrera, UGA IPM Communications CoordinatorExpert/Source: Kaylyn Groce Reagin, Cotton & Peanut Sustainability Extension Educator The muddy waters of what is ‘sustainable’ are clearing up with the implementation of a new calculator that gives agricultural producers a reliable method to quantify a farm’s sustainability. As consumers have become…
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Blueberry Insect IPM Under the Scope

Written by: Emily Cabrera, IPM Communications Coordinator Expert/Source: Ash Sial, Blueberry Entomologist Blueberry growers got up close and personal last week at a special blueberry insect IPM learning session in Alma, Georgia. Over the past few years, a range of blueberry insects have battered the industry in the southeast, so…
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UGA IPM Program Ranked Outstanding, Receives Maximum Funding Amount

Written By: Emily Cabrera, UGA IPM Communications Coordinator Expert/Source: Ash Sial, UGA IPM Coordinator and blueberry entomologist  An impressive team of University of Georgia researchers just received $765,000 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Crop Protection and Pest Management Program that supports the continuation of integrated pest…
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Organic Agriculture Research Gaining Traction in Georgia

Written By: Emily Cabrera, IPM Communications CoordinatorExpert/Source: Dr. Carmen Blubaugh, Allison Stawara, Christiana Huss, Jon Golan, Julia Berliner Organic farmers in the southeast may have struggled to find resources and support to help combat pests, but now University of Georgia Insect Ecology professor Dr. Carmen Blubaugh and her team is…
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