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Healthier Together Taliaferro

We strive to…

  • Change health-related mindsets and inspire individuals to WANT to be healthy
  • Educate everyone about diet and exercise, especially using local resources
  • Increase the number of active adults and children
  • Make access to healthy food choices and fresh produce easy
  • Decrease diabetes rates
  • Lower obesity rates
  • Build on existing resources and programs
  • Help ensure that people have a better quality of life

Healthier Together Taliaferro Goals

  1. Increase access and use of safe exercise areas.
  2. Increase access to healthy foods.
  3. Provide health education programs.
  4. Increase communication and collaboration around health-related issues.

My vitals improved greatly!

I completed the 2019 Walking Challenge. I mentioned the activity and results to my doctor. She was so impressed by the health changes that she asked to see my charted walking results. My vitals were greatly improved! She also asked that I record and bring my results to each visit.

~Sarah Chapman

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UGA receives CDC grant article.

Photo of Barbara Twilley

Healthier Together Taliaferro Initiative is a community project made possible by the University of Georgia and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2016, Taliaferro County was one of two counties in the state of Georgia with a high obesity prevalence of over 40 percent, and thus the initiative began its journey.

The purpose of the HTT Initiative is to provide educational programs and projects to improve and encourage community residents to make healthier food choices and having a safe place to be physically active. When I began working with the program, I was not aware that the community suffered from food insecurity and, by definition, is a food desert.

Food insecurity occurs when a person does not consume a sufficient amount of healthy food on a day-to-day basis.  

Food deserts are defined as low-income communities lacking a grocery store in a one-mile radius from its neighborhood.

Working with the Healthier Together Taliaferro Initiative as the Taliaferro County Extension Educator has been rewarding. Programs initiated through this project have implemented environmental changes to promote healthy eating and physical activity in places where children, youth, and families spend their time.  Healthier Together Taliaferro has worked to provide a variety of programs to support the community. Partnerships with HTT include the Taliaferro County Board of Commissioners, Family Connection, the Taliaferro County School System, AH Stephens State Park, and other community organizations.

Quoting Dr. Marsha Davis, Dean of the UGA College of Public Health, “Obesity prevention needs to go beyond addressing individual behaviors. We must modify the environments in which we live that shape and supports those behaviors.”  Dr. Davis also says, “We need to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.” I genuinely believe that choices, either good or bad, belongs to the individual and collective individuals make a community.

As the Taliaferro County Extension Educator for the past three years, it has been gratifying to see the positive changes that have manifested within the community. Multiple programs and projects are in place to assist families as they embrace environmental changes that will be beneficial to all. I have witnessed positive mindset changes within individuals and families when they choose to participate in programs and projects introduced to the community.

The Taliaferro County School Family Fitness Night is a program with students/families participating in multiple, fun physical activities and the sampling of healthy food.  The Sharon community garden and raised garden beds at various churches, allow participants to grow and share with the community. The weekly YOGA classes are available to the public. The Taliaferro County Walking Challenge affords families to challenge one another to get out and walk- the program is gaining popularity. The After-School Cooking Class provides opportunities for students to learn how to prepare nutritious meals to share with family members and friends. The Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) has made a positive impact in the community. The program provides alternatives to cooking healthier and nutritious meals…desserts included. The yearly Bike Rodeo offers an opportunity for families to enjoy bike riding in a safe environment at AH Stephens State Park.

I genuinely believe that having access to healthy food and a safe place to be physically active is a human right. Being physically active is something every community should be able to enjoy. It is an enjoyable and Christian pleasure to be part of the Healthier Together Taliaferro Initiative.

                                                          ~Barbara Twilley

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