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VISTA Blog Post #11: Herbs, Herbs, Herbs

January at Hilsman Middle School was filled with herbs! The Hilsman Middle School LID classes spent two days creating their own spice blends with school grown parsley from BHL and dried shiitake mushrooms from UGArden. On day one the classes washed and prepared the parsley for the oven. On day two we blended the mushrooms and parsley together and packaged it up to take home! The classes are growing their own parsley in raised beds to use for future food labs.

Later in the month Family and Consumer Science students propagated rosemary, oregano, and thyme from cuttings. The students prepared their cuttings and placed them in water. They will wait for roots to grow and then plant them in soil. Additionally the 8th grade FACS students direct seeded dill seeds. The goal is for FACS students to have their own herb garden to use during food labs! 

-Charlie Evans, Hilsman Middle School VISTA