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VISTA Blog Post #10: Goodbye, 2019! Hello 2020

Goodbye, 2019! Hello 2020.

The end of 2019 at Hilsman Middle School was filled with step team performances, club celebrations, baked goods, and so much more! Our 7th grade Food Collection Team celebrated their hard work with pizza, smoothies, and a lot of dancing. The smoothies were made with berry and peach fruit cups, oranges, bananas, and apples collected during lunches. The 6th grade Food Collection team received green apple sugar cookies made with apples they had collected earlier in the week. Overall students and myself collected 245 lbs of food to be redistributed and 201 lbs of compost during the Fall 2019 semester.

There was a lot going on in the FACS and AG Science classes! During the last week of Family and Consumer Science classes 8th graders made fried pickles and fresh ranch dressing. 6th graders made rice crispy treat snow-people in the microwave. It’s easy to say everyone enjoyed these food labs!

The arrival of our new Agriculture Science teacher (an alumni of Grow It Know It!) excited and challenged students to think more about what agriculture meant to them. Students spent the last two weeks of school with their new teacher outside in the school garden transplanting lettuce starts, planting strawberries for spring, and getting acquainted with the compost pile. On the last Wednesday of school a FFA meeting was called for old and new members to attend. There was a great turn out and the spring semester is full of promise for Hilsman’s FFA group.

– Charlie Evans Hilsman Middle School VISTA