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VISTA Blog Post #9: Student Support for School Compost

On November 6th, Apalachee High School had their first annual Garden Work Day! This work day was organized as an opportunity for students to learn about composting and work to repair their current compost system. Prior to the 6th, students at Apalachee were using a pallet-built system that had long served its purpose and was beginning to fall down.

Instead of making repairs to the current system, students voted to take the day to construct an entirely new compost system, almost twice the size of the previous one. Almost 200 students came together over the course of the day to help myself and another volunteer install a fifteen-foot compost system. In addition, students also took the day to weed their current garden beds, install three additional beds, harvest produce, clean and replant several beds, mulch and weed their 50 blueberry bushes, and perform general maintenance of the garden area. Overall, students had a blast and this event will definitely be occurring again!