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VISTA Post #7: Support from UGA Community

Blog Post 10/25/2019

Over the past two and a half weeks, we’ve had four different UGA volunteers donate close to 11 hours of their time to helping out in the garden at Burney Harris Lyons Middle School. We were able to plant mustard greens and kale that were donated from UGArden along with miscellaneous garden upkeep like watering and cleaning out some of the raised beds. I make sure to tell them a little about my job and why I’m there and what exactly it means to be the school gardener and Grow It Know It VISTA. This past Wednesday, I was also able to get a volunteer to pressure wash the greenhouse floor so that the students can have a nice, clean space to take care of their plants.

Garnering support from the UGA community is important for these middle schools. Since GIKI is affiliated with the university in a number of ways, it’s always good for us to use the many resources they have to offer. One resource is volunteer support from UGA students and professors. We have been using Engage GA (also referred to as GivePulse) as a platform to create events and recruit volunteers to help things run smoothly at our schools. Thus far, I’ve had two UGA students who are interested in being involved on a regular basis at BHL. They are excited about what we do in our schools, and it’s nice to see this community of young adults become so willing to support our middle school students.

Ellen Clegg – Burney Harris Lyons Middle School VISTA