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VISTA Post #6: Welcoming the New 9 Weeks

As September came to an end and October began, the students at Hilsman Middle School transitioned into a new 9 weeks. During this time I have recruited 60 students from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to help with food collection and redistribution in the cafeteria. With every new day in the cafeteria, more and more students show interest in volunteering. Currently the fruit and packaged snacks are being stored in the Family and Consumer Science classroom. The teacher, Ms. Seymour, rewards the students every Friday by allowing snacks in the classroom. Ms. Seymour offers her students oranges, bananas, and packaged cranberries as a healthy alternative. The kids light up when they see the food they have collected in the cafeteria! It all makes sense now that we collect the fruit instead of throwing it out. 

Outside the cafeteria I have been working with the LID classrooms to plant collards, kale, and parsley. Each class has planted in the two raised garden beds located in the potential LID garden space. The students are excellent caregivers to their garden space and are excited at the potential to expand the area. I am working with the teachers to plan weekly activities leading up to the harvest of the vegetables they planted. Next week we will make kale smoothies!

– Charlie Evans