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VISTA Post #1: First Days of Service at Burney-Harris-Lyons

Thus far at BHL, I have been spending time trying to get to know the faculty and staff in order to integrate myself into the school. I met with Ms. Cook (the new FCS teacher) briefly this morning, and we are going to use her classroom as a storage place for some of the fruit collected in the cafeteria during lunch. She said she would be willing to accept anything, especially fruits that she can use for cooking and that can’t be easily redistributed to the students (i.e. apples, pears, etc.). Since we are both new here, we have a lot of learning to do together about food collection and waste prevention, but it’s good that we are both starting on the same page. I offered her my services if she were to ever need help with any cooking related activities or anything related to food collection, nutrition, and preparation. I will also try to introduce myself to the coaches so that they can take some of the collected fruit to their students who play sports after school. We are still working to organize this system before we start collecting any fruit. 

I have been mainly working closely with Barb to get some things in order. This morning I have been cleaning out some black crates that we can use for the fruit collection in the cafeteria. We’re all supposed to just observe our schools today to see how things operate on a daily basis. During lunch, I won’t collect fruit yet because I need to see how the lunchroom flows and how the students are interacting. I think Jim’s method of fruit collection is still going to work here again. He just took a cart up and down the lunchroom towards the end of the three lunch periods and took up the uneaten fruit. I’m still trying to get myself acquainted with the everyday gardening tasks so I can be more self-sufficient, but for now I think it is good for me to keep observing and learning from other people.

Ellen Clegg
Grow It Know It AmeriCorps VISTA 2019-2020