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UGA student support

Middle school garden programs here in Athens are not just a product of the middle school community–many stakeholders have invested a lot of time, energy, and financial support in these efforts to grow for the benefit of these students and the larger community. One essential component to the success of these gardens is the involvement of UGA students. We draw from many service-learning based classes for volunteers that do a lot of highly important work that keep our programs on track.

For instance, a First Year Odyssey Seminar recently built wheelchair accessible beds for Team Gora of Hilsman Middle, in which the LID students who have difficulty accessing the garden behind the school will have the opportunity to plant and maintain gardens.

Hort 2000 students also do essential grunt work, such as preparing beds, turning compost, removing top soil for mulching, weeding, etc. This is truly a community effort, ranging from young children to the older members of our community, and we are grateful for every contribution that has been made thus far and look forward to continuing to expand and improve together!