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Compost your brains out!!

8297. From February 2016 to February 2017, Burney-Harris-Lyons, Clarke Middle, Hilsman, and Coile students collected 8297 pounds of compost that would have gone into the cafeteria trashcans and from there to the Athens-Clarke landfill! And we are just getting started. We estimate that in our first full year of collecting compost at all four middle schools that we only caught 1/5 of the total compostable material.

4765. The amount of recycling collected at the four middle schools during the same time period. CCSD already does a good job of reducing waste by often using hard plastic trays, even metal utensils, instead of the hard to recycle styrofoam trays and plastic utensils. But we will keep pushing the envelope (and crushing the milk carton) to get beyond the two and some odd ton mark!