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Bigger Fish to Fry

This week at BHL 8th graders harvested, battered and cooked tilapia that were raised in the BHL greenhouse in our aquaponics system. The project brought home themes discussed this month during Farm to School month in October, and also started conversations about healthy eating and the importance of self sufficiency. Supplies were provided and also brought from home to make fish tacos, and many students made salads and creative meals out of the food provided.

Heard around the hot plate:

“Dude- you need to know how to cook. What are you going to do in college? You can’t eat take out every day.”

“I didn’t think I liked fish, but this wasn’t bad!”

“Isn’t fish brain food?”

“This may be the best class I’ve ever had”

“Can we cook again Monday?”

“I like salads. I take care of my body.”