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An Apple A Day…

Students at Clarke Middle School are given a wide variety of fruit choices like grapes, melon, blueberries, bananas, oranges and more. Apples are served as whole fruits, normally, and currently the school is piloting a fruit slicer. The hope is that we can reduce food waste by serving students pre-sliced apples.

Julia Calder, AmeriCorps VISTA, asked students their opinions on the fruit slicer pilot in their lunchroom.

Students responded well. They understood the connection! They saw how the core was cut, thus less waste from their tray. Students who normally cannot eat apples, due to braces, were able to enjoy their fruit. Students also liked that they could take as much or as little slices as they pleased. Slicers are easier and quicker to eat, said some students, and this can be directly connected with studies done on the research.

Psychology shows that if fruit is sliced for a child they are more likely to finish it. I’d say it’s the same for us adults too!

On one day of polling Julia recorded 164 students who chose apples to be apart of their meal. Perhaps oranges will be next!

Looking forward to our first Garden Bar of the 2016-2017 school year. Hoping to attract many students to try something new like kale, radishes and collards! Happening this week at Clarke Middle School.