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Israeli Cuisine Restauraunt Reviews

For the second to last Kitchen Garden Corps meal our participants prepared and served an Israeli-inspired meal. The menu included marinated cucumbers with Labneh cheese spread, homemade pita with ground seasoned lamb, taboule has salad, hummus, baba ganoush and Tzatziki sauce. Our guests enjoyed delicious baklava for dessert. Below are some of the rave reviews by our customers:

“The Labneh was amazing. The Tzatziki was amazing, I could eat both by the bucketful!”

“Those cucumbers were delicious! So was everything else, thank you!”

“From the service through the baklava-everything was spectacular! It was an incredible experience.”

“Another home run!”

“Wonderful food, delightful servers, great conversation! Perfect lunch!”

“You are all great growers, preparers, cooks and servers! Thank you!”

“The flower pieces are such a nice touch. Family style service is wonderful. Every dish was savory, perfectly seasoned and so tasty! Thank you!”

Interested in discovering (and tasting) what our young chefs plan to prepare for their final meal on Thursday July, 28th? Contact Tad MacMillan for reservations at