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"Pollinators" Restaurant Reviews

One out of three bites of food, eaten by humans, is made possible by pollinators. Pollination is a very important part of the life cycle of plants and they cannot produce fruit or even seeds unless they are pollinated. Insects, small mammals and birds (also wind!) transfer pollen from plant to plant.

As an honoring to our pollinators, the participants offered a meal that included Georgia peaches, pecans, in-house made cheese, potatoes Au-gratin, roasted vegetable and beef brochette, and finished the meal with a traditional Swedish Visiting lemon and almond cake accompanied by freshly-prepared ice cream!

Please read some of the glowing reviews we received from customers this past week:

“This was an incredible meal! Great use of fresh produce and incredibly talented youth! Loved it!”

“Lunch was amazing! It is hard to believe the cheese was made just this week. A dozen roses with no thorns!”

“Delicious peaches, cake and superb potatoes! Thanks!”

“Awesome time and great food-thanks!”

“Lovely food, well planned and tasty. Prompt service, great atmosphere.”

“Another superb and creative meal!”

“Great food, great service, great information. Great, great, great!”

Curious about our cuisine? Want to hear more about our program from the participants themselves? Support the Kitchen Garden Corps by visiting our pop-up restaurant, held at The Career Academy on 440 Dearing Extension, on Thursdays from 12pm-1pm. For reservations please contact Tad MacMillan ( or Wick Prichard (