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"Native" Restaurant Reviews

Before the MealParticipants and adult supporters ready to spring into action before the meal!

On June 2nd, the Kitchen Garden Corps hosted the first restaurant event of the summer at Clarke Middle School. We had close to 40 community members in attendance and 20 students who participated in the preparation of the meal.

Student participants explored the idea of “What is Native?” all week with the planting of Red Bud Oak trees (a native of Georgia), the cooking of collards (a staple in the Southeastern diet) and the creation of a meal that satisfied the hearts and stomachs of many.

Below are a few of the reviews given to us by restaurant attendants:

“Tasty! Enjoyed main course and dessert-liked that the cream was not too sweet. Garnish was a nice touch!”

“My omelette was so well cooked!”

“Loved the collards but there was so much on my plate I couldn’t finish them!”

“The students are awesome! What life skills they are learning. They are so poised.”

“This was my first time. I loved it all. The opening definition of collards, the singing, all of the food and drinks! The staff and waitstaff was very nice and attentive. Thank you!”

“The pickles and beets were crisp and delicious. The deviled egg was yummy too. Well done!”

“For all those grandmothers who think that they have the best buttermilk pie in town-your pie today would make them weep! Five roses to you.”

“Servers were courteous and diligent!”

If you are interested in attending a pop-up meal provided by the Kitchen Garden Corps please contact Tad MacMillan ( or Wick Prichard (