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"Community" Restaraunt Reviews

Student participants this past week engaged in conversation around the question of “What does community look like?” and provided a fabulous meal that included cucumbers and zucchini, from the CMS garden, as well as produce provided by UGArden, a University of Georgia organic farm located just 3 miles from our Restaraunt! Participants learned how to make a simple but delicious yogurt sauce for a cucumber salad, creamy homemade ice cream and chocolate cookies and much more. Here are some of the reviews we received from customers:

“Great job-food was awesome! Thanks for providing lunch!”

“Wonderful meal, wonderful experience for the students!”

“Thank you! Lunch was delicious, especially the tofu!”

“Your hard work in the garden and preparing these meals is much appreciated!”

“All the flavors and textures were great, and the servers and cooks worked hard, but all had smiles.”

“The cucumber salad was delicious! Such a nice, subtle creaminess. The entree was perfect, too. Love the mint ice cream. Fabulous.”

“Our first time here and we’re so impressed. The pesto was so good and big thumbs up on the dessert!”

If you are interested in attending our pop-up Restaraunt please contact Tad MacMillan ( or Wick Prichard ( to make a reservation. Thank you for your support!