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"China" Restaurant Reviews

This weeks participants explored the culture of China and served a traditional meal that included vegetarian and pork dumplings, a cucumber salad, egg pancake with fried rice, cold sweet bean soup for dessert and herbal teas.

Camp attendants learned a little bit about the country of China’s air pollution problem and how it effects us here in the United States. As a group we learned how to sing “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” in Chinese and performed it for restaurant attendants-what fun!

Below are a few of the roses and thorns written by those who enjoyed our meal on Thursday:

“Love the welcoming friendly service and great attention to details! Dumplings were fantastic!”

“Lunch plate was great! Cucumbers a favorite. Bean soup-different!”

“Egg pancake was amazing! Thanks!”

“Good job everyone!”

“Would love the cucumber salad recipe!”

“Thank you for all of your hard work. I certainly want to attend again.”

“Delicious! I really liked the different flavors.”

“Pork dumplings hit the spot!”

If you are interested in attending our pop-up restaurant, which are held on Thursdays at noon, please contact Tad MacMillan ( or Wick Prichard (