October 2015

  • Dana-Thomas House

    A few weeks ago when I was in Springfield, Illinois for the Housing Education Research Association (HERA) conference I had the opportunity to visit the Dana-Thomas House. This is an amazing house! It was built from 1902-04 for Susan Lawrence Dana, a forward-thinking socialite. She gave Wright a “blank check,” which is reflected in the…

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  • House

    Do you feel ill whenever you are in your house, but feel fine when you stay in a hotel or at a friend’s house? There could be something in your house that your body is reacting to. Mold is often the named culprit; however, it isn’t always mold. To determine what is causing your health concerns you…

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  • Woman laughs

    Researchers say laughter is good for your health. Go out and laugh this weekend! Bilingual Opinions Hearty laughter may lower your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, reduce stress, ease muscle tension, improve your breathing, boost mental function, and burn calories! Imagine nurturing your body and mind with all of these health benefits when you…

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