Recently I was teaching an online class about keeping your home healthy and reducing the asthma triggers in your home.  I talked about some of the main asthma triggers in your home – dust mites, pet dander, secondhand smoke, mold, cockroaches, and mice.  The training included action steps to take to reduce or eliminate these contaminants in your home.

One of the participants was taking care of a sick child and connected to the call from her kitchen.  As she was listening to my voice through her computer speakers, her 8 year old son was in and out of the kitchen asking for water and food.  That evening her daughter asked if she could take a sucker up to her room, before the mother had a chance to respond, her son said, “NO, we must keep food in the kitchen.”  He expanded on that to tell his sister that if crumbs were left in her room then the cockroaches would come into her room; and did she know that a mouse could get into her room through a dime-sized hole.

Amazingly, he was listening to my webinar presentation! I burst out in laughter when I heard the story.

His mother had told him many times not to take food out of the kitchen, but he tended to argue with her.  Once he heard over the computer from “mom’s work” that food in the bedroom attracts cockroaches, he now helps his parents enforce the house rules and keep the house healthier.



You never know who will hear the messages we send out. My message landed in the ears of an 8 year old who is now a young healthy homes advocate.  This just goes to show the great value in expanding the message to people of all ages.

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