Grady County

Farm Gate Value

The 2014 Farm Gate Values have been completed for Grady County and it shows just how hard the drought we experienced last summer hit row crop producers in this county. The total value for Farm Gate was $ 161,255,657.  This is down over 16 million from 2013. The bulk of…
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Weekly Crop Update

Scattered showers over the last 4-5 days have brought much need relief from the 100 degree days that with no rain pattern we had been in for a couple weeks. While we still have not received a good soaking rain across the entire county most places have received enough to…
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Lesser Cornstalk Borer in Peanuts

With the temperatures starting to approach the triple digits and no real rain in the forecast we are starting to set up the environment to have another outbreak of Lesser Cornstalk Borer in peanut this year. Last year was what some called the worst year for LCB in many years and it is…
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Sugarcane Aphids Have Arrived!!!

Today the White Sugarcane Aphid was found in Grady County, it had completely infested a field and was starting to kill the sorghum plants. Andrew Sawyer in Thomas County posted this info on his blog a couple weeks ago so I thought it was time to share what UGA Extension Entomologist…
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What to do about a potential cholothalonil shortage?

With peanuts in Grady County fast approaching that 30 day make growers are starting to make their first fungicide application, and like last year cholothalonil is rumored to be in short supply. So here are a few tips from Bob Kemerait on how to extend your supply.  Replace 1.5 pt/A…
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Pecan Phylloxera

With the number of questions I have received over the last couple weeks about phylloxera damage in pecan trees this article by UGA Horticulturalist Lenny Wells does a great job explaining how the insect causes damage. Many of you may have noticed pecan trees with wart-like galls on the leaves. This…
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Irrigating Young Pecan Trees

With all the new pecan trees in Grady County this is good information from UGA Pecan Specialist, Lenny Wells. Young pecan trees require two key ingredients for establishment; 1) water and 2) elimination of weed competition. There is no published data on required irrigation amounts for young pecan trees that I…
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