Grady County

Winter Nitrogen Fertilization

As time fast approaches to start thinking about fertilization of our winter grazing, I thought I would post a great article written by Dennis Hancock. Yet again, the weather is making farming a high stakes game of chance. We had a very wet end to the summer growing season (in…
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Soil Sampling

As farmers start finishing up harvest for the year it is time to start looking towards next year, and the first step to that is proper soil sampling. Every farmer knows that fertilizer and nutrients are some of the biggest crop expenses on the farm and are essential to growing…
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Canola 101

10 Steps to Profitable Canola Canola is a relatively new winter crop with good profit potential for Georgia producers. Well suited to Georgia’s mild winters, it can be grown with the same equipment used for wheat and is also suitable for double cropping. Canola requires timely and careful management for…
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