Grady County

White Mold in Peanuts

As we enter the home stretch for peanuts this year and white mold starts to increase here are a few words from Dr. Bob Kemerait.

1.  REMEMBER:  In a season like this, the perfect storm of a season, even our BEST fungicide programs for white mold may only provide ~70% control.  No program will stop all initial “hits” of white mold where a plant here, there and across the field wilts.  BUT a fungicide program MUST prevent the disease from spreading from that plant to other plants within the row and down the row.


2.  Though most most growers will not adopt this practice, spraying the peanut field at night or in the darkness of early morning when the leaves are folded is a GREAT way to get the fungicide where it needs to be (the crown of the plant).  


3.  Where a grower is not satisfied, he may consider using a more aggressive fungicide.  For example, Tebuconazole/Bravo is good but not the best.  If problems are developing, he may shift to a more effective (an more expensive) program.


4.  Consider extending the white mold schedule.  Even if the grower has completed a “traditional” white mold program, he may extend the program, perhaps using the Tebuconazole/Bravo program mentioned above.


5.  Use anticipated rain events and irrigation to move the fungicide to the limbs and to the crown of the plant.