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Planting Irish Potatoes in Middle Georgia

Time flies when you’re having fun, but it’s hard to believe that it is time to think about planting Irish potatoes in middle Georgia. Generally, gardeners can plant potatoes when the soil temperature reaches 45 degress F, but potatoes germinate and emerge when the soil temperature gets about 50 degrees…
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Low Maintenance Fruit for the Homeowner

Since now is a good time to plant fruit trees, bushes or vines I thought it would be good to tell everyone about fruit that are fairly easy to grow in Georgia.  We can grow just about anything in Georgia, but we can’t grow everything without having to use products to control, insects, diseases, weeds and even nuisance wildlife.  Sometimes we grow the diseases and insects better than we grow the crops.


Winter Annual Weed Control

County Agents receive hundreds of calls about all of the weeds that decide to “pop up” and start flowering in spring.  Well now is the time to do something about it.  The weeds that we see flowering in lawns in the early spring are what we refer to as winter annuals.  This means that they germinate in the fall, grow throughout the winter and flower and die in spring. 


Soil Sampling

Summer is over but there are plenty of chores that can be done in the yard. One very immprtant one is soil sampling. If you get a soil sample in the fall you will have time to adjust youur pH and be ready for spring growth.


Fertility in the Fall Garden

Planting Your Fall Garden

I know that many of you probably are still in shock from your summer vegetable garden, but if you are a serious gardener now is the time to start getting ready for cool season crops. 


Home Garden Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

There is nothing better than a fresh ear of sweet corn on an early summer evening or maybe for breakfast for that matter.  Around my house we love sweet corn, so I hope the information in this article will help you grow a bumper crop this year.